We are innovative group of people a Perfect Combination of it experts and Hotel experience people. We understand the hotel operation very well and their present challenges. We are developing many software which can reduce operation issues and utilise hotel complementary expenses to a great branding and marketing .Our CRM WiFi very unique features to convert any hotel WiFi to social media marketing . Our social media software is available every part of the India and we have team across the country to install the software and for demonstrate

We know how TripAdvisor improve ranking and our software provide a unique solution for improving ranking at TripAdvisor. Our software is a complete guest relationship management for all social media portals. Anyone using our WiFi can build up a strong marketing and branding atoll social media portals .This software is being a inventor by Mr Amit Gaur , and we have a sales right of the software . Contact us for a demo and you will selfie how this software improve your social media marketing and convert your WiFi to a CRM