Complaints are Guest feedback about any services or a product not as per their preferences or requirements. In this world there is no place where there is no complaints in this world is full by complaints, so guest complaint will definitely come in your hotel you cannot stop that because when complaint are not reaching to you take myself hundred percent right you are not aware what is happening at your hotel and sooner you will find your revenue going down

with our sofware Know in real time what are the complaints?

Every guest complaint is a process of service recovery and great opportunity for improving the product and the services . How you handle the complaint play a very important role for your success, as we told you main thing is that first you should know what is the complaint when you know what is the complain there is a big place for immediate service recovery or replacement for addressing complaint to the right person.

Our hotel CRM social media tool , communicate , guest problem to every HOD in the hotel in real time , this will be very helpful what other department to look after the guest well with his services when guest has the issue with particular one department . Other department can give that against a special attention. This software has inbuilt complaint management which send a email and SMS alerts to all HOD is in real time for any guest complaint all requirements. When it comes to complaints, emotions can run rampant. Complaint handling requires respect, promptness, and objectiveness from the acknowledgment all the way to resolution. Below, we talk about six segments where complaint management plays a major role in making sure customers are happy and businesses are in compliance

Guest has gone out of your property with a complaint you will not do anything just blaming to the product to the people or any other In our software, we have developed a tool which will help and connect to every team member in a real-time template and with simple working. Our software will allow everybody to get the real-time notification if any guest has to have any complaint while stay with this other department will alert and do more effective hospitality services to a guest who is having the issue with any is the specified department. Call us for a demo of this software