Our WiFi CRM software help you to increase direct booking we have many unique features in the software where youcan communicate you are all past guest with different mediums. Direct booking will improve your revenue and make your guest as your brand ambassador with the help of our software you can communicate any information to everybody was used your WiFi every hotel doing something new every month but lot of hotels are filled in their event activities because they are not able to connect with their target audience and now a days marketing is very very expensive hands with less due to competition in the City the same services are been offered by many people what make you difference to connect with you past visit guests directly as when you want If I take an example your WiFi is being used by 50 peoples in a day and you are a hundred rooms hotel after 6 month you will find with our WiFi CRM 9000 people registered in software and when you share information to all those, 10% of people will react on your information you are filled with your hundred percent Occupancy.

presently Direct booking only happen if you have a very strong public relation with your past visited clients, it is very difficult for big hotels to keep in touch with every one by any of the communication tool because now days maximum bookings come via third party online booking agents direct booking are reducing day by day for all the hotels Our software allows to connect to every single person by all the mediums of communication and when you connect to your target audience ,all the past visited guests in a very organic way you will find your direct booking are increasing and you will save a lot of money on commissions and other expenses .Mouth publicity will make polullar and improve direct booking and it only happens when you give Quality Services to every guest and you have a system where you can connect to anyone anytime . our system will automated send notification to all the people pre set time and you will find we will increasing direct booking with the help of our software It's very simple when you communicate you connect when you connect you convert when you convert you are the on top.It's very simple when you communicate you connect when you connect you convert when you convert you are the on top