CRM WiFi social media software has a robotic automated artificial intelligence system which send email with your content to every single person as a welcome letter from your side any and thank you letter on his check out date.

Our software has a option where you can send email to all the ones who has visited you in past and use your WiFi services but the have a reservation on that and we suggest our client not to send emails from our software because we have integrated all the social media pages in the software and when you send a bulk marketing emails there are many chances for your domain to be declared as a spam in all the browsers.

Please suggest to pull out the email address from our software because we handover the server user id and password to all our clients, in send email from any third party software. Our software has a option where you can send the emails but we not suggest you are trying to do it from our software , ours software on only provide you a hundred percent correct communication email ID is of everyone using are used in your WiFi in past And that will be a big help for setting up a email campaign hotel. There are many third party softwares are available in every bottle is having one third party bulk email software our CRM WiFi software doesn't support bulk emailing for spamming email is because our all the domain addresses have a reputation at all the social media portal we suggest our client not to send bulk email to past visited Hotel Guests