Express room checking is a process where Hotel ask all the guest information in advance from the guest and complete the all compliances for giving hotel room for temporary accommodation, this process will save the time of the guest and make life easy of front office staff especially when you have a lot of guest arrivals in the hotel Many hotels offer welcome drink and property show around and welcoming of the guest with tika the garland . Express room checking is very helpful for group booking because many peoples are coming at one time it is very helpful for the guest and the hotel management for doing Express room checking for any the groups.

Our CRM wiFi social media software has the option where you can send send notification to guest email and phone number and ask him to do Express check-in before his arrival at Hotel Robotic room checking form is very easy and simple with You clicks , guest will share he is lying dislikes preferences and require compliance is phone express room sleeping.

Ours software also says you are other services in advance to the customers which is very helpful to increase the revenues it is very simple when you come communicate you convert Software will make a fool between the guest and the hotel management help guest to send a Google Map for guiding the location of the hotel a personalized welcome letter from the hotel and save the guest in the system for a content marketing and notification of social media pages throughout the year Software integrate with present Outlook system , present WiFi system , and send automatic reporting to the general manager and other Hotel Manager. You can call us for a demo and see how helpful it will be for your hotel.

Our software will send notification to guest by sms and email and help guest and hotel staff to do a comfort room check in