FB is the very efficient marketing tool for any business owner because everybody is on Facebook and spends at least 1 hours in a day on Facebook to check what other people are doing latest post notifications and what's new happening in the world.

Facebook marketing will become your business local to global with less efforts and less investment If you promote your Facebook page to the people who is stay at your hotel recently you will find you will not only create a wood branding and marketing at social media but also you will find you will have a huge loving target audience for your hotel.

It is hundred percent right that every staff of your hotel is on Facebook and every guess who is coming to your hotel is on Facebook . It is equally very correct if you send a notification to like your Facebook page to every single person who has visited you recently will make you famous on Facebook.

It is only happen by our social media software because you are every single person who has visited you will be using your WiFi services our software send your facebook business page notification to every single user of your WiFi every month . If you count number of people using your Wifi in a day in a month and email you will find you have huge scope of inhouse marketing for your hotel Inventory of any number of rooms You will have your many Facebook page lovers when you send your Facebook notification. When you send your Facebook notification to your target audience you will find you are very popular at Facebook people are sharing your post your offer but it will only happen when you reached to your target audience your present visited guest it is only happened with our CRM WiFi social media software. our software send your Facebook page notification to every single user every month without fail so when you post anything new at your social media account in Facebook people will get notification of their and you have call for action our software will give you huge marketing at facebook