Google is a very big search engine and now a days Google is being recognized by social friend for every one , search engine is helpful for everyone for every information . When you are Hotel bedside come at top ranking add Google search engine believe me you are the top in the world but let me disappoint you what third party does for your Google SEO this reduced the radius of search engine and you will only popular in your local area and then on top of Google search engine not across the world but at your computer you will find yourself always on top on few key words you have decided for your marketing at Google browser. If you don't believe us ask your friend to search yourself with different state and location sorry to say you but you will will disappoint this is trick which third party marketing agent does with your website to ensure you come at top of Google search ranking , they will add lot of back linking do your website which is against to Google algorithm for business owners many people commit many things for ranking up at Google search engine.There are many third parties available who are doing unethical google Search Engine Optimization for the companies due to Google has not share his algorithms , How to Come top rank you will find many stories.

Our logic is very simple Google algorithm will search and so result priority wise popularity how to become a popular website and any browser you need a huge traffic add your website in a very organic way , software does the same it will generate one SEO for you from every user who is using your WiFi now you can count number of people using your WiFi is equal to number of traffic at your website with the help of our cRM wiFi social media software.When you have a number of hits traffic at your website any browser will think you are popular and they will show you on top At any search engine hour by hour CRM software help you to get traffic at your website.

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