The TripAdvisor Popularity Index is becoming a critical metric for many hotels. Here's is how to improve your ranking on TripAdvisor with our unique software , this software has a unique inbuilt guest feedback system which captures every guest detail and automated asked for everyone about their stay experience, and took your Happy guest to TripAdvisor and collect a positive review for your hotel because every Hotel has daily many happy guest this tool does magic for you to increased TripAdvisor ranking in your city quickly , the most great system about this software is all unhappy guest at your hotel this system stop to go and write at TripAdvisor with his unique system, because this software only generate many positive reviews for the hotel and only took happy customer to TripAdvisor this is a certified tool for improving Trip Advisor ranking of hotels

When you will get lot of positive reviews from your customers TripAdvisor will increase your ranking But the biggest question is this how we get lot of positive reviews from our customer? There are many software available who claims they improve TripAdvisor ranking let me disappoint you nobody will increase your TripAdvisor ranking if you are not getting positive reviews at your trip advisor page. Our formula is very simple to improve TripAdvisor ranking every hotel has the happiest guest if you asked every happy guest how is your stay? .There are many possibilities to get maximum positive reviews on daily basis because every hotel has happy guests small or big numbers Many hotels are doing this practices by asking Guest on every movement how we did?

like for example when guest come for a breakfast fnb manager and chef asked to guest how was your breakfast? And Guest share their experience verbally good or bad . This is also one type of feedback guest is giving after every service. Now at the time of checkout front office manager also ask how's your day and guest share his experience good or bad. And here all people are failed to get many reviews at TripAdvisor because when they ask to the guest to write a review about his Hotel by any of the medium maximum guest denied, Due to they think he has have already shared their experiences to Gentlemen's after every service, why to write or he is busy in his life We don’t suggest to stop asking Guest after every services is been provided.

One more point which effect very much in TripAdvisor ranking is that hotel does not having a correct communication email ID of guests due to many reasons, like wrong entry in system or wrong emailid given by the guest due to he don’t want unnecessary marketing emails from hotel.Many hotels do wrong practices by asking their staff or friends or paid third party to write a positive review after coming a negative review about their hotel .we and tripadvisor are strongly against that Our WiFi CRM software gives a complete solution for tripAdvisor rankings and getting many positive reviews.

Our software is very effective because it work with a logic of asking every guest to share his experiences, and every hotel has positive guest you will definitely start getting positive reviews at TripAdvisor.It's very simple you look after your guest very well .give him a comfortable experience and use our WiFi CRM software and improve your TripAdvisor ranking by getting lot of positive reviews from your happy customers. Other software also help in not publishing any negative review a TripAdvisor. learn more in talking with us at +9571118855 .