Our software help to hotels and organization to improve the sales we have very simple logic when you have a correct Email address and phone number of every single day has visited to you which is a target audience for your hotel and you communicate any information or any update or any latest event information there are chances to converting past future and present revenues Because with our WiFi CRM software you will collect a correct Email address and phone number communication details of every single user you can communicate your any message in a correct way every time.

When you have lot of direct sales you will find you will you have to pay a less Commission amount to the third party which you are playing as a Commission amount with our software you will save all that money.This is very simple when you're coming date you convert . Software has a option where all the email ids and the phone number of the WiFi user is being saved at your personal server with fully control of yours. With the help of our software your every email campaign or SMS campaign will have much result because you are reaching to your target audience for any new information or events in his interest this is the unique feature in the software which nobody offered in the world presently. A lot of online portals are present at todays digital world and due to this direct sales are going less day by day and this is a very big issue for Hotel owners and general manager because they have to pay commission to an online portal for every booking given by him and it is a huge amount.

Due to we cannot ignore Digital media and marketing , it is very difficult for anyone to make his strong presence at social media with a less Marketing budget and online portals win the game . Our Software save all the email ID is and phone numbers of clients used your WI-FI. you can anytime email or SMS to everyone who has visited you in past and share any information, recent event activities happening at your hotel and see good results as a hundred percent increase your direct sales and with this you will not only save that commission amount paid to the third party but also make a long-term relationship with your client Software feature where you can email or SMS to every single person use your WiFi in past. Because we handover the server key hotel General Manager there is zero chances of data manipulation by anybody and your data is 100% safe and Secure in the hand of your hotel General Manager.