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Every Hotel Want to Increase their sales and for that they are doing their Best Marketing Set up as per Yearly Budget. due to social media marketing is very vast Area marketing and requires a huge amount of investment to become always top at all the browsers as Nobody can ignore Social media in today’s time because it is easiest way to communicate to your target audience But unfortunately very less people take optimized advantage from social media marketing .Every Hotel want to Build a long term relationship with every guest visited him but unfortunately very less Hotel able to do the same.

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One solution Branding and Marketing

We have added many unique modules in the software which work automated digital marketing. our software algorithm has been designed for zero manpower interference , we have study a lot on all the social media platform which are important for any hotel for a effective marketing to create his brand and long term presence . With our software hotel improve their TripAdvisor ranking , traffic on their website to come top at Google ranking , facebook Twitter campaign for effective communication in one line Our social media CRM software one solution for all

Made in India technology

Our CRM Wi-Fi system is purely Made in India we have implement the same system on our website and you can see we are at it good Google ranking without any paid marketing . Our software is a result of multiple mind and multiple hands . We believe in India and believe organizations and hotels and resort will get benefited with our software and take optimize advantages of social media marketing

What does this software do ?

This software will intregrate to your present Wi-Fi system and convert your Wi-Fi to a CRM and that CRM will do a automated social media marketing of your hotel. Software will send your social media pages notification to the people who used your WiFi.with this It has a unique feedback system which collect lot of positive reviews at TripAdvisor for your hotel . This software will work as a digital marketing manager for your hotel .

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Our Logic statement

Ours software work with a Logic on when you keep connected with your present guest and when they are happy with your services they will become your brand ambassador and you will see a wonderful marketing of your all social media portals. just look after your guest very well and everything this software will do for you

Limited software city wise

limited software city wise is our policy because when everybody will be having this software then reservation will be the same and our client will not find the improvement after taking this software . This software comes for 3 years limited edition for Limited hotels .

How software beneficial

Software is beneficial for every our client because every hotel in the world provide free WiFi service to their Guest and this is a opportunity for hotels to convert a must do complementary expenses into a effective social media marketing