Twitter is the one of the very powerful communication social media portal which can share any communication and information quickly to many peoples. In a survey it is been found maximum people are in India is having a Twitter account and they are following many respected people of country to learn what is happening latest.

When you have lot of followers at your twitter account you can convert and communicate instantly to your target audience your latest offers upcoming events , discount, latest recipe and food festivals happening at your hotel. You can increase your revenue and number of booking when you have lot of follower on your twitter page our CRM WI- FI send a notification to all Guest to following you at your Twitter account. Guest will be very happy to follow you because you are sending and sharing information in his interest logic is very simple money save money earn and Everybody want to learn what new happening at my favorite place.

When your Past Visited Guest learn something happening new at your hotel they can plan their next visit to your hotel .India is a country of festival and holidays with of events.Imagine how big is this for you , when you Communicate your information to your every guest visited you will in past for any special day this will lead a big marketing and branding for your hotel.our software will send your twitter page notification to every single user of your WiFi Not only one time but every month . This Twitter campaign will continue every month on fixed dates every month guess we'll remember you and remember the time he spend at your hotel . You have to only look after you are a guest well rest everything this software will work for you.

CRM Wi-Fi will create a Twitter campaign for your hotel every month for those who have used your WiFi while staying in past Because WI-FI CRM twitters campaigns is the best way to promote your account or grow your audience on Twitter. Building a large base of followers is key to fully leveraging your Twitter presence to drive business results. Followers see your content, Retweet, engage, and share it with others. This amplifies your message and can help attract even more followers eager to hear more about what your business has to offer.